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The Struggle for Understanding in Legal Spaces

The Struggle for
Understanding in Legal Spaces

For many individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, finding a legal professional who truly understands their unique circumstances is challenging. Legal matters can be daunting and facing them with someone who doesn't grasp your cultural nuances or lived experiences can feel isolating. Inclusive Law addresses this gap, giving voice to those who need it most.

The Struggle for Understanding in Legal Spaces

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Inclusive Law empowers clients to connect with legal professionals trained in cultural competency, trauma-informed practices, and mental health practices. Choose a legal professional who not only understands the law, but also understands you.

Meet the Founder

Khaula Bhutta

Khaula Bhutta, a recent law graduate from Queen’s University Belfast, is passionate about human rights and social justice. Her start-up ‘Inclusive Law’ endeavours to connect legal professionals with vulnerable and marginalized communities, with the aim of humanizing and simplifying the process of accessing legal support.

With a decade of experience working in the field of human rights, Khaula brings a wealth of knowledge and deep-rooted passion for addressing systemic issues. She has a LL.M in International Human Rights Law and Practice from the University of York and a B.A in Economics, Politics and Law from Dublin City University. Her passion for justice comes from her own lived experiences and academic journey. Khaula’s work has allowed her to gain insights into the vulnerabilities experienced by clients as well as the challenges faced by legal professionals, emphasizing the need for holistic legal services. Inclusive Law aims to bring about the transformative change needed within the legal industry.


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